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About Us

The Studio

556727_702275849788180_1986561493_nThe studio was opened in October 2012 by professional personal trainers, Lou Segura and Deb Peveler.  Both have lived in Bayonne for over forty years and have thirteen years of personal training and group fitness experience. The studio’s main goal is to provide quality fitness programs that are accessible to everyone no matter their current fitness level. They achieve these goals by working with them individually and encouraging participation in the group fitness activities.


Our Trainers

Deb Peveler

imageI became a certified personal trainer at the age of 49 after having spent most of my life a “HEALTH NUT” as we were called back in the day. Reading anything I could get my hands on regarding nutrition and fitness. I have always been active and pride myself in my ability to motivate others in their quest for a healthier life style. My first group Fitness class was with Jackie Sorensan’s Aerobics class in Honolulu, Hi. prior to that, my fitness history was compiled of self taught strength training and walking for fitness. My Career as a personal trainer began at the Forum Fitness Center in Bayonne  followed by, The Dolphin Fitness also the YMCA. My husband and I are endebted to the Forum Fitness Club for many opportunities they afforded us in reaching our potential in the industry. We consider ourselves ” Life Savers”. Now that the Medical Community has come to realize the importance of fitness in a person’s health, Lou and I use your medical history with the help of your doctor if needed, to create a fitness program to suit your needs. I have been instrumental in helping my clients to come off  blood pressure and diabetes medications. Let us help in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Lou Segura

Lou has worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade. As a certified personal trainer he has worked in several gyms in Bayonne including The Forum, The Dolphin, The YMCA now known as the Bayonne Family Community Center and, The Jewish Community Center. He is also certified in group fitness. He currently teaches Here at All Fit Studio.

He is quoted saying” Life happens and Yoga fixes it!” Lou also has a big draw with the Hispanic community, teaching both in English and Spanish. Lou says “It is important to reach out to everyone in our community”.



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