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Basic Classes

Classes accommodate all skill and fitness levels!

Yoga: A blend of aerobic and balancing yoga suitable for all levels of fitness. Yoga focuses on flexibility, mobility, and relaxation.

Yoga 1: For the beginner, learning yoga at a soft & easy pace.

Yoga 2: For those ready to add more to your yoga practice; includes Hatha, Vinyasa (flow) and Iangar (Posture) methods.

Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me and Family Yoga:  Where your child can be a shooting star!  The perfect class to let Mom, Dad or the whole family  get in a great workout.  Infants & Toddlers are welcome.

Kids: Split into two age groups, a great course for kids to learn yoga which improves discipline and focus while at the same time provides a great physical workout.

Body Work: A yoga based strength training class using all major muscle groups in each class! Suited for everyone.

BLT:  Buns, Legs & Tummy – Enough Said.

Kickboxing: Fast-paced and energetic, kickboxing will rev up your energy and improve your confidence; a great cardio workout.

Specialty Classes

Pilates: A classic Pilates, focusing on core strength and flexibility.

Prenatal Yoga:  Specializing in increasing flexibilty and making you more comfortable during your pregnancy.  As with all workouts, consult your doctor before participating.

Pranayama: A yogic discipline focusing on breath.  Quiet the mind, rejuvenate the body and reset a flagging spirit. Read more…

Meditation: A 20-25 minute guided meditation to promote relaxation and center the mind.

Medicinal Yoga: A 40 minute class to promote healing. Good for both pre and post operations as well as general health issues.

Personal Training: Our trainers create a custom workout designed for your individual or group needs & abilities.  Training is by appointment only and can accommodate individuals or groups of up to five people.

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